Gymnastics-Love Friday!

I had been thirteen for 6 days and was slow dancing with a dark haired boy at Jessica Bond’s birthday party (Jessica, *high five!* I hope you’re out there) the first weekend of eighth grade in late August. There were two ways I described myself to that Obsession-cologned boy whose hands were awkwardly holding my [Read More…]

Lots of changes, all of them good…

Two and a half years ago, when I moved to San Francisco, I had a 15-month-old and I had just left the job I most loved in the world. I was lonely and anxious and I had this tiny little seed of an idea in my head. It had to do with the books I’d [Read More…]

{Practicing Benedict} Your hope of fulfillment

Welcome to Mama:Monk’s weekly Wednesday series examining St. Benedict’s Rule and what it is teaching me about life as a stay at home mom. “Your hope of fulfillment should be centered in God alone. When you see any good in yourself, then, don’t take it to be your very own, but acknowledge it as a gift from [Read More…]

College Thankful

Welcome to Thankful Tuesday on a Thursday. I hope that’s not terribly confusing. I spent the weekend at my college’s Homecoming for my ten-year reunion. Now, let me explain something to you. I did not go to a school known for its academic rigor, though I learned plenty. I didn’t go to a school that [Read More…]

We Need a Horse and how to be weirdly grateful

Yesterday, my dear friend Katie (in San Francisco) sent me a package with two letters, a magazine, and three lovely children’s books (I mean incredibly beautiful, you’ve never seen a book so beautifully made) in the mail. Her husband works for McSweeney’s, the eccentric, progressive publishing house and magazine publisher. Really, McSweeney’s is a literary [Read More…]

Off to Awesomeland!

There are some weeks (like this one) where I don’t post much because I’m utterly exhausted and I’d rather go to sleep at 10 every night. And I figure you’ll forgive me. Then there are some weeks when posting should be against Mama:Monk’s rules. Next week will be one of those weeks. You see, not [Read More…]