Reflections for Easter Sunday

From ¬†Girl Meets God: The Last Battle, the final volume of Lewis’s Narnia chronicles, pictures the end of time. Aslan—the lion who represents Jesus—has returned, folding all of culture and humanity into his kingdom. In the novel’s lasts pages, he tells Lucy, a child from London, that everyone she knew back in Blighty is dead [Read More…]

Reflections for Holy Saturday

The Last of the Brooding Miserables by Mary Karr Lord, you maybe know me best by my odd laments: My friend drew the garage door tight, lay flat on the cold cement, then sucked off the family muffler to stop the voices in his head. And Logan stabbed in a fight, and Coleman shot, and [Read More…]

Daughters of Jerusalem (A Good Friday poem)

A few weeks ago I asked for help in thinking about Luke 23:27-31 as I worked on a meditation for my church’s Good Friday service. Several of you gave me feedback that really helped me get my head around the passage. So, thank you. As promised, here is the final result. Daughters of Jerusalem from [Read More…]

Reflections for Good Friday

From the 8th century Irish monastic poet, Blathma …The sun concealed its proper light; it lamented its lord. A swift cloud went across the blue sky, the great stormy sea roared. The whole world became dark, great trembling came on the earth; at the death of noble Jesus great rocks burst open. Jerusalem suddenly cast [Read More…]

Reflections for Holy Wednesday

On John 13:36 – 14:7 …They have just been told that one of their company is a traitor. They have seen Judas go out into the night. They have heard Peter warned that he will deny his master. It is therefore to a very deeply troubled group that Jesus says: “Let not your hearts be [Read More…]

Reflections for Holy Tuesday

The Binding by Cathy Song We love them more than life, these children who are born to us. How did Mary endure it? It was more than she bargained for, the white lily light, the passive acceptance of the sacred seed. For the daughter of the well at dusk, it was a moment of vanity. [Read More…]