Palm Sunday

O Lord Jesus Christ, who on this day entered the rebellious city which later rejected you: We confess that our wills are just as rebellious, that our faith is often more show than substance, that our hearts are in need of cleansing. Have mercy on us, Son of David, Savior of our lives. Help us [Read More…]

Jesus’ body is removed from the cross

Thy body and Thy blood, O Word, Thou has offered at Thy crucifixion for the sake of all: Thy body to refashion me, Thy blood to wash me clean; and Thou has given up Thy spirit, O Christ, to bring me to Thy Father. Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy on me. From [Read More…]

Jesus is nailed to the cross

Christ’s Passion by Mary Karr Sure we’re trained to his suffering, sure the nine-inch nails, and so forth. And the cross raised up invoked the body’s weight so each wound tore, and from his abdomen a length of gut dangled down, longing towards earth. He was a god, after all. An eternal light swarmed in [Read More…]

Jesus falls

Descending Theology: The Garden by Mary Karr We know he was a man because, once doomed, he begged for reprieve. See him grieving on his rock under olive trees, his companions asleep on the hard ground around him wrapped in old hides. Not one stayed awake as he’d asked. That went through him like a [Read More…]

Jesus takes up his cross

Untitled (An ancient Celtic prayer for sleep) O Jesu without sin, King of the poor, Who were sorely subdued Under the ban of the wicked, Shield Thou me this night From Judas. My soul on Thine own arm, O Christ, Thou the King of the City of Heaven, Thou it was who bought’st my soul [Read More…]

Jesus is stripped of His clothes

May Jesus’ Death Be My Life (a prayer) O Christ Jesus, may your death be my life, your labor my repose, your human weakness my strength. -Blessed Peter Faber, SJ (from Hearts on Fire, Praying with Jesuits) “Jesus is stripped of His clothes” by Anna Kocher. See the rest of her work here. [Read more…]