Jesus is condemned to death

The Binding by Cathy Song We love them more than life, these children who are born to us. How did Mary endure it? It was more than she bargained for, the white lily light, the passive acceptance of the sacred seed. For the daughter of the well at dusk, it was a moment of vanity. [Read More…]

Welcome to Holy Week

As we walk through Holy Week together, I’m going to take a step back from our typical Mama:Monk fare. Instead, I’ll be continuing the tradition I began last year, daily offering you a piece from the series of icons my friend Anna Kocher painted of the Stations of the Cross. (I’m honored she’s allowing me [Read More…]

A Prayer for Palm Sunday

O Lord Jesus Christ, who on this day entered the rebellious city which later rejected you: We confess that our wills are just as rebellious, that our faith is often more show than substance, that our hearts are in need of cleansing. Have mercy on us, Son of David, Savior of our lives. help us [Read More…]