Tired, but Thankful

How many women out there have a father who would fly to her town for four days just to babysit her little boy? I love that August and my dad got to have a grandson and grandpa weekend. There were lots of planes/rockets/parachutes flown in the yard, lots of dragon books read, and lots of [Read More…]

Of course it’s Thankful Tuesday!

The past week has not been an easy one. There was the destruction of my laptop, then four days of a vomiting, whiny 3-year-old, then I got sick (and am still recovering). Last night my husband said, “Do you even have anything to write for Thankful Tuesday?” I scoffed! How dare he?! There are plenty: [Read More…]

And, a list!

Here are the thankful things: Home again! Home again! Yes, it’s not the same home, but it’s still our home. The sweetest little place with a fairytale-esque stone path through a garden and a wall that’s orange for no particular reason. And a perfectly cozy nursery for my baby where I can rock him and [Read More…]

It’s moving day so let’s read a poem.

Today we move into our house. We open up boxes that were packed on June 25, that long and short summer ago. It will be like Christmas! And, honestly, it will be a little sad because it means we actually live here in this new city. It’s our home now, not some place we parked [Read More…]

God’s Deepening Life in Me, Part 2 (aka: All is Balance, All is Gift)

“In everyday life, then, we must hold ourselves in balance before all created gifts insofar as we a choice and are not bound by some responsibility. We should not fix our desires on health or sickness, wealth or poverty, success or failure, a long life or a short one. For everything has the potential of [Read More…]

On work and “a new daddy”

Last week, while my 3-year-old was readjusting to life with both his mom and dad, in a new city, in a temporary home, away from his friends in San Francisco and the cousins and grandparents he’d just been visiting, he cried a lot. Mostly, he cried for his dad. It’s difficult to understand the concept [Read More…]