Becoming Madrina: Relationships and World Vision

“Heydi Andréa,” her mother says in the way only mothers can. Those two words, the names she gave her daughter, are said with gentleness but also with expectation. Heydi is six years old and her mother wants her to join the other kids, who are lined up to hit the pinata. Heydi does not want [Read More…]

I’m going to Guatemala. Wanna come along?

The first time I ever experienced poverty, I was a seventeen-year-old, almost-freshman in college, adventuring through the Amazon River Basin in Brazil for ten days, finalizing my Big Plan for a future life of missionary work. That trip was mostly about one thing: God was going to show me what I was supposed to do [Read More…]

One Good Phrase: Micha Boyett (All will be well)

These are the days of holding the deep portions. The days where your husband walks the kids to the park and on the way his phone lights up with the worst kind of news. Tragedy. A friend’s life ended. And like that, he arrives at the playground, where his kids run and pour sand and [Read More…]

One Good Phrase: Katie Noah Gibson (With all kinds of doubts)

I first bonded with Katie Noah Gibson over our similar lives, both West Texas girls who found ourselves on the East coast, navigating the giant cultural gap between the two. I think her words today were just for me. And I think they might be just for you too.   For a lifelong reader, I [Read More…]

One Good Phrase: Annie Barnett (Everyone is learning)

I love Annie Barnett because the kindness that shows up in her writing and visual art is an actual reflection of who she is. I love her because she is an artist soul and when you see her illustrations, you feel a sort of hope. Last year, she wrote here about the sacred work of [Read More…]

On beauty and ruin…

Friends, I wrote a post for A Deeper Church this week. On the tragedy in Boston, on beauty and ruin, and how sometimes the bravest thing we can do is hold both at the same time.   On Monday, people died cheering for their loved ones at the finish line of a race that has [Read More…]