One Good Phrase: Kristin Tennant (Tomorrow is a new day)

Kristin Tennant is sharp, generous, and brave. She is one of those rare blogging friends I’ve gotten to know in real life. A little further down the mothering road than I am, her wisdom and honesty about raising teenage girls is a gift to me. I hope after you read this post, you’ll stop by [Read More…]

Light Your Candles Quietly: Keeping Advent with Mary, Vol. 3

Vol. 3 – Defiantly Demanding Redemption “In sober fact there is little romance or beauty in the thought of a young woman looking desperately for a place where she could give birth to her first baby… it is a bitter commentary upon the world that no one would give up a bed for the pregnant [Read More…]

These Sacred Everydays

Last week marked our very last in the series {This Sacred Everyday}. I have loved this series. I’ve loved hearing other writers consider what makes their simple lives holy. I’ve loved being challenged by how beautiful the common tasks of living can be. Thanks for being part of this with me. I kicked off this [Read More…]

Light Your Candles Quietly: Keeping Advent with Mary, Vol. 2

An Invitation to Ponder   When I first started asking God and myself what it means to be a mother who prays in the midst of the chaos of life at home with kids, what it could look like to practice prayer when my life was not quiet, when most of my attempts at a [Read More…]

What I am not.

From Dale Bruner’s The Gospel of John: A Commentary, on John chapter 1, verse 2 (65 and 70) “Now here is the witness of John when the Jewish people of Jerusalem sent priests and Levites to ask him, ‘Who are you?’ Well, John spoke right up, he did not deny it, he spoke right up [Read More…]

Jesus in Real Life: Halloween and Death and Celebrating the Saints

“Why is it called Halloween, Mom?” We’re driving to preschool. This is the time of day when August asks all the good questions. “Ummmm…” I say. I say that a lot. See the thing is he wants a real answer. He wants the history and the reasoning. If he knew the word ‘etymology,’ he’d want [Read More…]