{Practicing Benedict} The greatest possible concern

“As for the abbot or abbess, they must show the greatest possible concern with great wisdom and perseverance to avoid losing any one of the sheep committed to their care. They should be well aware that they have undertaken an office which is more like the care of the sick than the exercise of power [Read More…]

It’s Halloween, y’all!

And in honor of Halloween, I’m re-posting what I wrote last year, “Why I believe in Halloween.”   Though I was raised evangelical and can speak Christianese with the best of them, I doubt I’m anyone’s Evangelical Mother of the Year, especially when it comes to all the big things on the Christian no-no list. [Read More…]

How we can help Joplin…

No new thoughts today, friends. But I wanted to point you toward this post at wearethatfamily.com. Over there, Kristen gives a wonderful list of ways we can support those whose lives have been devastated by the tornado this past weekend. Please take a look at her list: http://wearethatfamily.com/2011/05/wfmw-how-you-can-help-joplin/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+wearethatfamily%2FGaiB+%28We+are+THAT+Family%29 [Read more…]

Community Thankful

It’s Thankful Tuesday, that lovely day when we all stop to remind ourselves that there are some wonderful things in our lives, even if our kid pooped in his underwear again. (Hypothetically, of course.) I’m been thinking about community a lot lately, about the sweetness of the life we have here in San Francisco and [Read More…]

Sisyphus and Motherhood and Coffee

Yesterday morning I woke to a quiet (and sort of creepy) almost three-year-old standing beside my bed at 6:15, silently staring at me. Good morning, Wednesday. After I got August settled and watching a Thomas show, I moved toward my coffee pot, only to have Brooks begin crying and crying. I bounced him in the [Read More…]

Homelessness and Contradiction

I’ve always understood that I have a soft heart for the homeless. I don’t say that in some self-congratulatory way. In fact, in some ways I find the business of engaging and caring for the homeless people I come in contact with much more difficult because of that. I wish I were one of those [Read More…]