Time and Priorities

  On Tuesday, Ann Voskamp posted How to Find Time and Space for the Life You Want (Part 2). It’s lovely and totally worth reading. I feel like its concept is so simple and absolutely relevant to the story I’ve been walking through for the past few years. I came to the Rule of St. Benedict [Read More…]

Cussin’ Children: A Vlog!

Hey friends. I’m trying something new and super fun around here. I’m going to be joining forces every once in a while with my local blogging friend, Cara Meredith (who blogs at Be, Mama, Be) to talk about whatever we feel like talking about. Today, we’re chatting about our kids and their naughty language. (I [Read More…]

Courage to love

The thing about humans is that in order to understand one another, we must sacrifice a bit of ourselves. It’s difficult to empathize because to do so is to reject the most self-protective part of our nature. To love is to be vulnerable and vulnerability is a dangerous thing. I get that. You want to [Read More…]

Thankful Tuesday: Hay and Apples

We had yesterday off from school. So what better way to spend a beautiful October Northern California day than to scoot ourselves out of the urban jungle and downstate to where the fruit grows on trees! (On trees, I promise!) And pumpkins emerge from soil, not just asphalt parking lots.  We ate apples straight from [Read More…]

Why, yes. We use cloth napkins.

I’m taking a break from my post-Guatemala reflections to write something a little lighter. Today I’m guest-posting for one of my very favorite bloggers, Addie Zierman. She’s hosting a series called One Small Change, about small steps we can make toward a more just world. Today I’m sharing about how and why I made the big [Read More…]

Post-Guatemala Rolling

Since I got home from Guatemala, I’ve felt like this:   I’m not really sure why. It’s not like I’ve been an emotional wreck. I’ve just felt…like I’m moving too fast and my brain can’t catch up. Last Thursday morning, August complained about the milk in his cereal and then poured it into the sink [Read More…]