{Practicing Benedict} Nothing harsh or burdensome

Welcome to Mama:Monk’s weekly Wednesday series examining St. Benedict’s Rule and what it has meant to me as a stay at home mom. (Full disclosure! I’m no expert on Benedict or the Benedictine Order. I just love him/them and can’t seem to stop reading books that have “Benedictine” in the title.)  “In the guidance we lay down [Read More…]

Just a Stay at Home Mom (how liberation frees me to love my non-job)

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Thankful Tuesday to bring you my most recent guest post at Her.meneutics (the women’s blog for Christianity Today.)  I am a product of the Second Wave Feminism of the 60s. By the time I was a child in the 80s, movies were full of women in shoulder-padded jackets at their corporate desks. [Read More…]

Just Write: The Miracle

You’re up at 5 am. They call this “sleeping through the night.” I groan and meet you in our secret place: dark room, soft carpet, a rocking chair in the corner. The glow of nightlight feels sacred when I’m here, like I’ve been roused from my sleep for some holy appearing, a light leaking, heaven-glow. [Read More…]

Milk, Pumpkins and Neighbors: A Thankful Tuesday List

My baby learning how to sign “milk” (his arm goes straight up in the air and then he squeezes his hand open and shut…it’s the cutest thing ever) just in time for his 7-month birthday! His “milk milk milk milk” was clear as day and was accompanied by staring anxiously at me as Chris held [Read More…]

Tired, but Thankful

How many women out there have a father who would fly to her town for four days just to babysit her little boy? I love that August and my dad got to have a grandson and grandpa weekend. There were lots of planes/rockets/parachutes flown in the yard, lots of dragon books read, and lots of [Read More…]

Of course it’s Thankful Tuesday!

The past week has not been an easy one. There was the destruction of my laptop, then four days of a vomiting, whiny 3-year-old, then I got sick (and am still recovering). Last night my husband said, “Do you even have anything to write for Thankful Tuesday?” I scoffed! How dare he?! There are plenty: [Read More…]