Motherhood: A Blog Fight, a Culture War, and Grace

This week my brother, Jason Boyett, asked me to guest post on his blog, O Me of Little Faith, in response to surprising debate that displayed itself (in all its nastiness) this week on several progressive Christian blogs. The issue at hand? Whether it is “biblical” for a mom to work outside of the home. [Read More...]

Breathing The Jesus Prayer

I met with my spiritual director, Debby, yesterday morning. Have I mentioned yet that she’s my hero? I have this amazing gift of becoming a weep machine every time I talk about anything that matters to me. So, in our few Tuesday mornings together, poor Debby has dealt with way more tears than any spiritual [Read More...]

It’s Thankful Tuesday Time!

We haven’t had a Thankful Tuesday list for too long, friends. So, I’m starting it out and you’re finishing it off. Ok? My son is sleeping again! After lamenting about his sleep habits last week: which included round-offs out of the crib, angry screaming and near hyperventilation, I took the sleep book‘s advice and made [Read More...]


Tonight I left Chris at home to feed, play with and put August to bed while I drove out to Oakland to help some friends pack their apartment. I came home to a kitchen that was cleaned (even the stove top sparkled!), bills that were a bit more organized, and some laundry still unfolded in [Read More...]


It’s been one week since we arrived home from a ten-day trip out east to see family and friends. I don’t like coming home. Of course, I like getting back into routine. I like being in my own home with my own stuff. I like the simplicity of non-vacation life. What I don’t like is [Read More...]

Julie Bowen and Our Bellies

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a link on Twitter to an article about a photo of actor Julie Bowen breastfeeding her twins. There was some fuss made about her desire to show the photo when she appeared on The View. The talk show made a decision not to display it, which had some [Read More...]

For Phil and Brother Shad

Tonight as Chris, freshly home from work, sat on our bed, removing his shoes while August climbed on the comforter around him, he said: “I have sad news.” “Ah, man.” I said, thinking his sad news would involve his having to work when we’d already scheduled something wonderful. It wasn’t that. “I got a call [Read More...]

Coming Home

“Coming Home” is such a cliché. Remember in Sleepless in Seattle when Tom Hanks describes how he loved his deceased wife (I know his words by heart): “It was like coming home. Only to, to no home I’d ever known before….I was just reaching out to take her hand…” Ahhh. Sleepless in Seattle. I will [Read More...]

Lord, Lord, Lord.

Friends, This process of writing to you almost every day is a strange one. And I have to say that sometimes it gets a little embarrassing. I’m striving to be authentic and vulnerable as I share about my life as a mother, in hopes that those of you out in the blog-reading abyss might somehow [Read More...]

A Living Incompleteness

I’ve recently begun reading A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World by Paul E. Miller. As I read yesterday, I was struck by these words Miller quoted from Thomas Merton: “Prayer is an expression of who we are…We are a living incompleteness. We are a gap, an emptiness that calls for completeness.” [Read More...]