Are we raising our children alone?

Last night I stumbled on Jennifer Fulwiler’s recent post, “Stay-at-Home Moms Need Help” on the National Catholic Register (she also blogs at Conversion Diary). In it, Jennifer is asking the question of whether it’s self-indulgent for a woman who stays home to have help with housekeeping or childcare. I thought what she had to say [Read More…]

All the gifts…I’m thankful

For Brooksie’s sweet excitement after bath time when I’m going to give him a lotion-y baby massage. (We’re talking arms swinging-giggles here.) That my baby is 5-months-old today! How did this happen? For birds on branches outside this impermanent apartment. For the house we found last week that we’ll move into in a month. For [Read More…]

On work and “a new daddy”

Last week, while my 3-year-old was readjusting to life with both his mom and dad, in a new city, in a temporary home, away from his friends in San Francisco and the cousins and grandparents he’d just been visiting, he cried a lot. Mostly, he cried for his dad. It’s difficult to understand the concept [Read More…]

This Way to Austin…

I know, I know. How clichéd is that picture? But I took it myself. I passed that sign twice every Tuesday on Franklin Street in SF, on my way to drop off and pick up August from his school. I never noticed it, of course, until Chris’ interview for the job in Austin. After that, [Read More…]

Pray with me?

Friends, Will you pray with me for Somer and Lance? They are friends of mine from college and Somer is a part of our Mama:Monk community. Right now, Lance is in ICU and on a respirator, as he has been for almost a week now. What began as (what doctors thought was) pneumonia in both [Read More…]

Just a little practical bookish sort of wish list

I’ve been posting a lot of book lists lately. Maybe it’s because I’ve actually had time while I’m staying with my parents (and before that, my mother-in-law’s) to think about books and consider how I’m going to spend the extra brain time I’ll have when we get settled in Austin and we don’t have commitments [Read More…]