Oh! The Thankfulness!

My baby has a personality and its best description is: SWEET. He likes to snuggle. He likes to smile at any and all people in his sight. He likes to grab noses. He likes to chew on his toes. And…he has started giving kisses. Yes, that’s right. He gets this dramatic look in his eyes, [Read More…]

The Whole Heart

Last week I quoted St. Anthony and lamented that I was not only subpar in his thinking that one should not “easily leave” the place one lives, but his advice that someone who wants to please God must always “have God before your eyes.” As a mom to two little things who demand my time [Read More…]

We Need a Horse and how to be weirdly grateful

Yesterday, my dear friend Katie (in San Francisco) sent me a package with two letters, a magazine, and three lovely children’s books (I mean incredibly beautiful, you’ve never seen a book so beautifully made) in the mail. Her husband works for McSweeney’s, the eccentric, progressive publishing house and magazine publisher. Really, McSweeney’s is a literary [Read More…]

The things God loves

Every night when I’m putting August to bed, I pray for the man he’s going to grow up to be. Some days (especially the extremely whiny ones like yesterday) I pray with more intensity than usual. My prayer usually goes like this: Asking God to make August a man to who follows Christ his whole [Read More…]

Favorite Things

Putting my 3 year old to bed when his hair is wet from bathtime and he actually smells like a sweet baby (as opposed to the rest of the time when he smells like sweaty boy). Summer evenings when it’s still in the 80s and 90s (depending on whether it’s summer in Philly or summer [Read More…]

Today is the Day

There was a moment around 14 months ago, as I was flying alone with my almost 2 year old (something I have done many times), when he miraculously began to play by himself! He took his little Yo Gabba Gabba people and made them talk to each other. Then I gave him some Thomas the [Read More…]