One Good Phrase: Addie Zierman (God is here)

If you follow my Twitter feed, you know I retweet whatever Addie Zierman has just posted on her blog just about every day. I can’t help it. I’m a fan-girl. Also, I’m her friend. Our lives in the Church have mirrored each other’s in so many important ways. And every time I come to her [Read More…]

What I’m Into – April Edition

  On April Fools, I told the boys about how my brothers and I always tricked my dad by hiding marbles in his shoes. August thought that was hysterical and poured all six of his marbles into his dad’s shoes. Chris acted shocked and appalled when he found them there and the boys could not [Read More…]

In Real Life (a guest post from Sarah Dunning Park)

I love that Sarah Dunning Park is here today. Believe it or not, though Sarah is all over the blogging world, I didn’t first meet her online. She went to high school with my husband and we met at their ten year reunion. So, you understand, it has been a thrill to rediscover Sarah here [Read More…]

One Good Phrase: Sarah Bessey (Calm your heart)

Someday I may list my top five bloggers of the universe. And if I do, Sarah Bessey will be there on that very short list. Her words move me and challenge me and, best of all, she always says it beautiful. (Also, now’s a good time to confess that some of the “One Good Phrases” [Read More…]

Hill Tribers Giveaway Winner, Thankful Tuesday, and a little update from Micha

  I loved having Jessica Goudeau’s guest post here last week and was thrilled to introduce you to Hill Country Hill Tribers. I’m excited to say that our winner of that beautiful scarf pictured above is Jennifer Raines. Congratulations Jennifer!   I’ve been missing you guys! And I figured what better day than Thankful Tuesday [Read More…]

One Good Phrase: Kristin Tennant (Tomorrow is a new day)

Kristin Tennant is sharp, generous, and brave. She is one of those rare blogging friends I’ve gotten to know in real life. A little further down the mothering road than I am, her wisdom and honesty about raising teenage girls is a gift to me. I hope after you read this post, you’ll stop by [Read More…]