The Spiritual Practice of Slowness


I was strangely moved by that almost final scene in the movie Lincoln, when the president walks away, his back to the camera, down the long White House hallway and into the shadows. Of course we,  the audience, know Lincoln is walking down that hall for the final time. We know he is on his [Read More...]

Thankful Tuesday: Sky! Sky!

Coffee in the middle of a tired day Brooksie’s current obsession with the sky One of our new family resolutions: Sharing our “highs and lows” during every dinner. (And laughing at Brooks’ responses: “What was the best part of your day, Brooksie? Sky! What was the hardest part of your day? Sky!) Finishing Kristin Lavransdatter [Read More...]

I know I am the beloved.


“Home is the center of my being where I can hear the voice that says, ‘you are my beloved in whom I am well pleased.’ Jesus made it clear that the same voice that he heard in the Jordan River and on Mount Tabor can be heard by me. He makes it clear that there [Read More...]

Okay, so I did make a couple of resolutions.

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I’ve never been much of a resolution kind of girl. I’m not so good with “goals.” They require too much planning and I’d rather not make plans just in case there’s something more fun that comes along. I know. I’m a terrible person. Also, I’m not particularly fond of “improving” myself. (It hurts.) But, I’ve [Read More...]

One Word 2013: Enough


I wish I were a mom with constant craft supplies. I wish I had every kind of glitter available and fresh scented play-dough always waiting for little fingers to mash. I wish I were a mom who filled hours with learning, a mom who sent thank-you notes on time. I wish I had real, practical [Read More...]

Advent Poetry Series: “Christ’s Mother Reflects: His Childhood”

Christ’s Mother Reflects: His Childhood “…and for him to see me mended / I must see him torn.”   -Luci Shaw “Mary’s Song” He stood at the door, wet-faced and panting. in his hands three baby birds. They’re hungry, he sniffed, nested them in a bowl with grass, fed them worms until they died. After, I held [Read More...]

Thankful Tuesday: Advent thoughts, Christmas gifts, and baby cheetahs

Some words that are blowing my mind this week, from the amazing Advent book I’m working through. (Preparing For Christmas: Daily Meditations for Advent—go now and get this book.): “Our Christian wisdom is to name the darkness as darkness, and the Light at light, and to learn how to live and work in the Light [Read More...]

Light Your Candles Quietly: Keeping Advent with Mary, Vol. 2

An Invitation to Ponder   When I first started asking God and myself what it means to be a mother who prays in the midst of the chaos of life at home with kids, what it could look like to practice prayer when my life was not quiet, when most of my attempts at a [Read More...]

{This Sacred Everyday} Annie Barnett


Today is our last post in this beautiful collection of thoughts on what makes the mundane holy. I can’t think of a better way to end our journey than to hear from Annie Barnett, my friend the writer and artist.  * I am an artist, and I see all life through this lens. All our [Read More...]

{This Sacred Everyday} Amy Lepine Peterson


Amy Lepine Peterson is one of those kindreds I’ve found out there in the great big wide web. Every time I read her writing I’m moved or challenged or encouraged by our like-mindedness. I love having her here today. And it’s an honor to share her with you.   Basket-Weaving At this point, I’m pretty [Read More...]