The Pursuit of Enough: Slow, Deliberate

Last Friday afternoon, I donned my running clothes and wheezed the mile and a half to August’s school, pushing Brooksie in the double stroller. After I picked him up and we all played awhile in the nearby park, the boys climbed in, I set out the snack of goldfish and made promises of hot cocoa [Read More…]

Thankful Tuesday: When ‘love makes sense of time’

“I find here a mysterious sense of time. I am told about patience and perseverance, about waiting quietly, about living totally in the moment. Yet I am also told about the need to run. Sometimes I feel as though I am being asked to be one of the disciples, leaving everything and rushing forward to [Read More…]

Why I love Mom’s Group

Last week I sat in the small room with twelve or so women. One of the very best of the bakers among us had brought scones and a hand-made cream cheese spread with craisons and probably crack mixed in. She was, of course, serving that cream cheese in squatty etched glass mason jars. I love [Read More…]

One Good Phrase: No Matter What (Joy Bennett)

I’ve recently gotten to know Joy Bennett in these internet parts and I’m constantly moved by her encouragement, honesty and vulnerability. It’s a gift to have her here today.  I have four children, three living. My oldest fought for her life for eight years through hospital stays, surgeries, therapies, special education, medications, feeding tubes, wheelchairs, [Read More…]

The Pursuit of Enough: Vol 1 Can you possibly organize your ENFP life?

  I had a breakdown freak-out sobfest last week. I feel like if you’re gonna cry, go hard or go home. So the sobfest included my slamming my fists into the couch, standing up, screaming, “Don’t laugh at me!” at my husband and then stomping to my office with the intent of slamming the door [Read More…]

Thankful Tuesday: MLK Edition

I’m grateful that August learned about skin in science last Friday which led to a sweet family conversation  about how wonderful it is that everyone’s skin is unique. I’m also thankful that my son still doesn’t know about “white” skin and “black” skin. (Aren’t those the craziest, least descriptive words to use for our skin [Read More…]