Green peas, weddings, acorns and more! A Thankful Tuesday post

Yesterday’s lunch when a newly 6-month-old baby was simultaneously consuming and expelling puréed green peas all over his face: This made his older brother laugh hysterically. Which caused the little babes smile like a hero. He made his big brother laugh! So they both stared at each other over lunch, both smiling and knowing whatever [Read More…]


Sometimes I stop and look across the table at the man with the square jaw who is telling August to eat 4 more peas and then he can have another piece of bread, and that man is the boy I met at an acappella concert in Ithaca, New York of all places: tall and lanky [Read More…]

Mama admits she’s kind of a crazy person.

We all have our crazy-makers. Mine is email, and phone calls, and thank you notes—basically any communication that I’m expected to follow through on. Sometimes I do alright with those things. I make lists. I set goals: Return four emails before bed! But sometimes I torture myself. My deepest weakness is a longing to please [Read More…]

Thankful Tuesday: Moby wraps, pancakes, and baby dimples

Let’s start with this: There are some seasons in a marriage where you feel more like a team than you ever have, where you know what to say to each other in the sweetest and most painful moments, where you laugh big, hearty, hysterical laughs at each other. I’m thankful that Chris and I are [Read More…]

Small Ambitions

Sunday, in the midst of rocking and bouncing my little babes in the back of the balcony throughout our church service, my brain completely missed the sermon. (I cannot recall anything I can’t take notes on.) In these early days of baby-loving, I usually don’t have a lot of spiritual learning taking place, at least [Read More…]

“After Paradise”

As I wrote yesterday’s post in honor of my main squeeze, I was feeling a little nostalgic…and feeling that we needed a new poem (it only took me seven weeks after Christmas to take down “Mary’s Song”…pregnancy is a good enough excuse, right?). We haven’t had a good love poem for our memories yet. And [Read More…]