Because this matters.

On our last day in Guatemala, we return to the community where we spent most of the week. We pull up along a rocky dirt road, where the nearest restroom is a up the hill in a little abuela’s house. We walk down the path to an old, dilapidated former-carpentry school, where children are arriving [Read More…]

The Song in the Story

In the concrete block, open air home, where baby chicks run around a cage in the same room as the toilet, and where a lean-to wood and metal shack serves as a kitchen, we gather outside, in between rooms. We sit in a concrete space for a concert. In the least likely of places, beside [Read More…]

One Good Phrase: Jason Boyett (What song would you like to sing?)

We pray with them. Then I ask, “What song would you like to sing?”
They choose a song, and that’s the last thing we do before we say goodnight. We sing together. [Read more…]

If it shakes you… (introducing Catherine Prewitt)

If it shakes you, let it shake you; let love’s heaviness o’ertake you Let it bring you to your knees Let the world outside look on; they will tell you to get on But don’t let ‘em turn it cheap You know how sometimes song lyrics say exactly what you need a friend to whisper [Read More…]

{This Sacred Everyday} Erin Lane

Today you get to hear from Erin Lane, who became my friend the first year we lived in San Francisco. Chris and I had a good nine months of hanging out with Erin and her husband before they left for the other coast, where Erin began seminary at Duke. Since then, I read everything she [Read More…]

She lists some things she’s loving.

Oh, friends. Are you so tired of me saying it’s been quite a week? If you are, I won’t say it again. Instead I’ll say this: I’m ready for my husband to come home. And I’m ready for my cat to stop going to the hospital. (This is when I should stop and thank God [Read More…]