Vlogging with Cara: What kind of Jesus are we offering our kids?

  What do you all think? Do most children’s Bibles make you cringe? Do you have any other “brown Jesus”/ “Jesus with real feelings” Bibles you make sure your kids are reading? [Read more…]

An Invitation to Curiosity

“All my childhood, I told my parents that I wanted to grow up and live in a big city. And all my childhood, my parents responded with, ‘No you don’t. You’d hate living in a big city because driving is terrible and there are too many people and big cities are too crowded.’ Just once, I [Read More…]

I’m Back. And I have a post up at Deeper Family. Also, hi.

  Hi. It feels a little strange to sit here writing something out to say to you. I spent the past month resting from this blog. I spent the month finishing final details for my book before it goes to the printer. I spent the past month buying Christmas presents, wrapping them, baking cookies, packing [Read More…]

One Good Phrase: Marlena Graves (May you flourish)

  “Iliana, Mommy and Daddy tell you these things because we want you to flourish. We want to show you how to live,” we explain.  “And when Valentina gets older, we’ll show her and tell her the same types of things.” Valentina is just over a year old, and at six years old, having just [Read More…]

First Day: The Holding and the Letting Go

For months we’ve been talking about this. This thing is coming. This change. When all the baby wears off and all that’s left is the kid, the child. All those years that felt eternal. And suddenly–poof–he jumps on his bike and rides ahead of you while you run to keep up. You take Sunday off [Read More…]

One Good Phrase: Kristen Howerton (You’re better than that.)

If you don’t know Kristen Howerton’s blog, Rage Against the Minivan, you are missing out on her wisdom, compassion and super sharp wit. She’s a gem. I’m thrilled to have her here today. * I was an amazing parent before I had kids. I had grand ideas about the kind of affirming, patient mother I [Read More…]