One Good Phrase: Jennifer Grant (…For a Reason)

I’ve only begun to get to know Jennifer Grant this year, but in these several months I have found her genuine, kind, and always willing to encourage and advise a newbie writer like me. It’s a treat to have her as part of this series. — If you’re a parent, you’ve likely been through something [Read More…]

One Good Phrase: Sarah Bessey (Calm your heart)

Someday I may list my top five bloggers of the universe. And if I do, Sarah Bessey will be there on that very short list. Her words move me and challenge me and, best of all, she always says it beautiful. (Also, now’s a good time to confess that some of the “One Good Phrases” [Read More…]

One Good Phrase: Tanya Marlow (Do It Anyway)

Tanya Marlow would probably not admit it, but she is brave. That’s why I’m drawn to her writing and her view of the world. Tanya has a disease that has forced her to live almost entirely housebound, but I find her vision of life refreshingly big and beautiful. Though she is a lovely English lady across [Read More…]

One Good Phrase: Helen Lee (P.A.)

I was first introduced to Helen Lee through a real life friend we share in common. That was the same year she released her book The Missional Mom, which I read with my Mom’s Group here in San Francisco. I so appreciate her book for the hope she offers: that moms who want to live [Read More…]

One Good Phrase: Jason Boyett (What song would you like to sing?)

We pray with them. Then I ask, “What song would you like to sing?”
They choose a song, and that’s the last thing we do before we say goodnight. We sing together. [Read more…]

For Brooksie, on his 2nd birthday (A Thankful Tuesday post, of sorts)

  Brooksie, when I got you out of bed on your second birthday, I whispered. It was 6:30 and your brother was asleep next door; the neighbors were asleep downstairs. I hate worrying about noise. I wanted to bust in with a guitar and serenade you. (If only I could play.) I wanted to shout [Read More…]