One Good Phrase: Amy Lepine Peterson (and joy deep down inside)

I’ve said this before, but one of the sweetest gifts of this whole blogging world has been the privilege of finding My People, those (mostly) women who see the world the same way I do, whose spiritual journeys have moved along similar paths, many of whom are deep in the work of  understanding themselves and the Church [Read More…]

One Good Phrase: Tamara Hill Murphy (You trust God to keep you safe at night, but you still lock the doors.)

I knew of Tamara Hill Murphy because I’d come across her blog once or twice. That was before I moved to Austin the same week she did, before we met in the same church on a Sunday morning, before I realized her humor or her wisdom or her willingness to think deep on the hard [Read More…]

One Good Phrase: God loves you and so do I (Christine Gough)

Christine Gough is a mom, a fellow resident of Northern California, and a kindred who is learning how to be, in her words, “one who comes alongside people to help them remember God’s love for them.” I admire her wisdom and I will be enternally grateful that she shared six of her 365 free(!) loaves of [Read More…]

One Good Phrase: Daddy Loves You (Ed Cyzewski)

Ed Cyzewski takes his role as peace-maker, encourager, and writer-friend seriously. When you get to know the guy, you realize that of course he would be the man to host a year’s worth of guest posts from women sharing their experiences in ministry. He cares deeply about the Church. Also, he’s a stay-at-home-dad trying to [Read More…]

One Good Phrase: No Matter What (Joy Bennett)

I’ve recently gotten to know Joy Bennett in these internet parts and I’m constantly moved by her encouragement, honesty and vulnerability. It’s a gift to have her here today.  I have four children, three living. My oldest fought for her life for eight years through hospital stays, surgeries, therapies, special education, medications, feeding tubes, wheelchairs, [Read More…]

One Good Phrase: A Series

There are phrases that have become mantras in my home. There are phrases that are said over and over, every time one of my boys hurts his brother. Your brother will be your best friend your whole life. Are you treating him like a friend? There are phrases I say because I need to remember. [Read More…]