slow, idle, brave

This week, while I’m on vacation, I’ll be re-posting some thoughts from back in the day (also known as last year). This was first published on July 8, 2010…   Today, while zooming through a profile piece on an artist and mother in the New York Times, I came across a new parental catch phrase [Read More...]

What is true.


This is what my husband brought to my bed yesterday morning. He knows that I would usually prefer an experience over a thing (though I’ll admit I like things) and my ultimate experience usually involves food. So, when it’s my birthday or Mother’s Day or some other type of needy Micha day, I get breakfast [Read More...]


While singing August my favorite goodnight song, “Mommy loves you” (Also known as “Beautiful Girl” from Slugs, Bugs and Lullibies. Why do you sing: “The angels are keeping / So cry no more”? “Because the song says God sent some angels to watch over you so you don’t have to be afraid.” “Why do you [Read More...]

Small Ambitions

Sunday, in the midst of rocking and bouncing my little babes in the back of the balcony throughout our church service, my brain completely missed the sermon. (I cannot recall anything I can’t take notes on.) In these early days of baby-loving, I usually don’t have a lot of spiritual learning taking place, at least [Read More...]

How not to raise more than one child at a time…

About ten times a day I remind myself that billions of women throughout the history of childbearing have had more than one child at a time. Most were like my great-grandmother Mama-Mac, raising seven kids at once. On a farm. In a tiny house on the high plains with no heating or air conditioning. Scrubbing [Read More...]

Katie Holmes and Baby #2

So, yesterday I came across this blog post about Katie Holmes and an apparently  “overheard” conversation (I can’t find the link, by the way) regarding her (and Tom’s?) decision to try for baby number two. Her reason for the second baby? “Suri would love a brother or sister to play with. I think it would [Read More...]

Mommy Fundies

Yesterday, one of my favorite bloggers and authors, Rachel Held Evans, wrote a post titled: “Why Moms Sorta Scare Me,” in which she compared the current culture of motherhood to fundamentalism. She explained that as she, a happily married woman of 29, nears the age of baby-making, she doesn’t fear the idea of children, she [Read More...]

Praying for the Space Shuttle

I’m sure I’ve mentioned (more times than you’ve cared to know, actually) that my kid’s in love with rockets. Every crayon/remote control/dinosaur has the possibility of blasting off into space. I swear he sees the space shuttle flying by and making fire at least twice a day. (Yesterday I got him to wear a new [Read More...]

Why I believe in Halloween

Though I was raised evangelical, and can speak Christianese with the best of them, I doubt I’m anyone’s Evangelical Mother of the Year, especially when it comes to all the big things on the Christian No-No list. That said, I will now post about why I have celebrated Halloween my entire life, and why I [Read More...]

It’s Golden

My Mom’s Group has been studying the book of Matthew for the past several weeks. (Only 14 more to go…Sorry, I’m afraid you’re going to keep hearing about it.) One of the things I love most about my study group is the depth of these women. I think it’s easy to forget how bright and [Read More...]