The Wildest of Lovers: My Chalkboard for Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day, Lovers! Taken from Love Poems From God: Sacred Voices from the East and West. [Read more…]

On the goodness of words (Or, how I became a writer)

Today I’m guest posting over at my friend (and vlogging partner) Cara’s blog for her new series “The Little Things,” on small moments that change everything. Here’s a little peak into my post. I’m hoping you’ll read a bit and join me over there…   My brother painted a mural on my wall for my [Read More…]

In Real Life (a guest post from Sarah Dunning Park)

I love that Sarah Dunning Park is here today. Believe it or not, though Sarah is all over the blogging world, I didn’t first meet her online. She went to high school with my husband and we met at their ten year reunion. So, you understand, it has been a thrill to rediscover Sarah here [Read More…]

Hill Tribers Giveaway Winner, Thankful Tuesday, and a little update from Micha

  I loved having Jessica Goudeau’s guest post here last week and was thrilled to introduce you to Hill Country Hill Tribers. I’m excited to say that our winner of that beautiful scarf pictured above is Jennifer Raines. Congratulations Jennifer!   I’ve been missing you guys! And I figured what better day than Thankful Tuesday [Read More…]

Some words in other spaces…

I’ve been writing in some other places this week and I’d love to scoot you on over their way. Do you mind clicking? On Tuesday I had the opportunity to share one of my poems at John Blase’s lovely blog The Beautiful Due. He’s been featuring the poems of several writers and bloggers he knows [Read More…]

Introducing My Chalkboard

I’m trying something new for the next couple of months. Every Friday I’ll keep it simple around here. I’ll show you what’s written on my chalkboard. (In my sixteen-year-old-boy handwriting. So sorry.) It might be a poem or a quote, just something I’m reading and thinking about. And I’m hoping, something you may be interested [Read More…]