Poem-a-Day Friday: W.S. Merwin

This week I started Lauren F. Winner’s Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis. I love Lauren Winner. Girl Meets God was one of the first books that gave me hope that I could write about Jesus and actually be a good writer at the same time. Every time I see her name on an article [Read More…]

Poem-a-Day Friday: Luci Shaw

I had the honor of hearing Luci Shaw and Jeanne Murray Walker discuss “Ambition” together a week ago Thursday. What a gift it was to be at the Festival of Faith and Writing and hear two stunning poets discuss the writing life in the context of faith, to listen to Luci Shaw speak about how [Read More…]

Poem-a-Day Friday: Marie Howe

This week, I listened to a rebroadcast of Terry Gross’ Fresh Air interview with poet Marie Howe back in October. Listening to her voice brought back memories of a summer class I took in July of 2000. That was the summer before my senior year of college. That class, “Contemporary American Women Poets” with my favorite all-time [Read More…]

A Very Thankful Poem-a-Day Friday

I’ve missed our Thankful Tuesdays, friends! So much so that my mind has been filling over with thankful bullet points and I keep thinking: Scratch that on a list! It just feels too far away to wait till Tuesday. So… I’m Thankful for: The gift of walking through Holy Week with all of you Being [Read More…]

Poem-a-Day Friday: Robert Lowell, again

Yes, I’m still reading Robert Lowell. But I promise a new poet next time. (Next Friday is Good Friday, and I will offer lots of stunning words from the best of the word-makers on that day.) Today, however, I’m posting this, not because I understand it all. (Lowell is not the easiest.) But because I [Read More…]

Poem-a-Day Friday: Robert Lowell

I have this very heavy, beautiful, hard covered block of pages, also known as Robert Lowell’s Collected Poems. Chris gave it to me for Christmas nine years ago and there’s something about it–Its beauty? Its big words? Its scholarly poet on the front cover?–that makes me scared too really get into it. And that’s crazy because [Read More…]