Nostalgia: End of Summer, Week 1 of Austin

It’s been one whole week since I began life as a Austin-dweller. So far, I have been really hot, gone swimming every day, spent lots of nap-time looking for a preschool, eaten out (way too much), and have seen my bestie Jamie (and her almost 2-week old!) twice. Tomorrow, I have a real-live new friend [Read More…]

Be Attentive

The Monday morning after the movers left our apartment, I walked through its empty space, being my sentimental self, petting counter tops, opening and closing closet doors. The boys were in August’s empty room keeping themselves entertained. Chris was running a last minute errand. And I thought I’d say goodbye. It had been a wonderful [Read More…]

Just as my mother did…

The Bible is not particularly known for its progressive take on the value and significance of women (though I would argue that Jesus turned that worldview upside down in significant ways…I love that guy).  Honestly, I’m okay with the rarity of women in scripture because when they do show up, they are powerful, smart, and [Read More…]

A Poem for Mother’s Day

I know I posted a Cathy Song poem a couple of weeks ago, but when I was searching for the perfect poem about a mother, I couldn’t get away from this one. Sure, it’s not a grown up’s reflection on his perfect and beautiful mother, but there is a blue and white tablecloth and a [Read More…]

Jesus is nailed to the cross

Christ’s Passion by Mary Karr Sure we’re trained to his suffering, sure the nine-inch nails, and so forth. And the cross raised up invoked the body’s weight so each wound tore, and from his abdomen a length of gut dangled down, longing towards earth. He was a god, after all. An eternal light swarmed in [Read More…]

Jesus falls

Descending Theology: The Garden by Mary Karr We know he was a man because, once doomed, he begged for reprieve. See him grieving on his rock under olive trees, his companions asleep on the hard ground around him wrapped in old hides. Not one stayed awake as he’d asked. That went through him like a [Read More…]