Post-Guatemala Rolling

Since I got home from Guatemala, I’ve felt like this:   I’m not really sure why. It’s not like I’ve been an emotional wreck. I’ve just felt…like I’m moving too fast and my brain can’t catch up. Last Thursday morning, August complained about the milk in his cereal and then poured it into the sink [Read More…]

Because this matters.

On our last day in Guatemala, we return to the community where we spent most of the week. We pull up along a rocky dirt road, where the nearest restroom is a up the hill in a little abuela’s house. We walk down the path to an old, dilapidated former-carpentry school, where children are arriving [Read More…]

Holy Week and Hungry For Change

When I first began to feel drawn to liturgy and the Church calendar, I was looking for something planted deep, something I could hold onto in my faith. I felt flimsy, shaken. I’d gone through a college experience of spiritually emotional highs and crashes. I was scared to death of the doubts that clouded my [Read More…]