A Poem for Thankful Tuesday

Anna Maria Is Coming, or Maybe Thomas Barton, or Max! by Hilda Raz New life! Will he toe out like Dolly, like John? Will her eyes be fires? Blue and green, like Papa’s, the ocean at the shore? Will she sing in the bath? Play piano in her diapers? Will her heart leap at large [Read More…]

My birthing mix

Friends, I know I’m not very good at talking about music. That’s because I really don’t know much. I do love music…I’m just not one of those people who can wax eloquent on the smoothness of the bass rifts (is that even something?). What I can talk about is lyrics and why I love them. [Read More…]

Let’s Be Thankful!

I love our church and our community in San Francisco. I just looked online to find the names of friends (and some folks I don’t even know) who have signed up to bring us new-baby dinners. It’s a beautiful thing to be cared for. Last week, my Mom’s Group threw a friend and me a [Read More…]

Psalm 31

Listen, I love you readers and you don’t deserve this but I’m going to complain for a second. Thursday is street cleaning day on my street. That means I can’t park in front of the house, which is usually okay. After all, for our first year in San Francisco, I always parked three to four [Read More…]

“In Feast or Fallow”

Okay, so I’m admitting I’ve been a failure of blogging lately. Seriously, I know you’re sick of hearing about how I’m uncomfortably pregnant/scared of giving birth/learning something important about suffering. (See proof here, here and here. Good grief, lady.) So I’ll shut up about it now and move on to more exciting things, like Thankful [Read More…]

On Ripeness and Courage

Why does “full term” have to feel so…full? I once read a lovely book (which I really ought to read again…and you should read as well) called Great With Child, in which the author (Debra Rienstra) refers to herself as “ripe” at the end of her pregnancy. I keep thinking about that. I feel ripe…teetering [Read More…]