Why there is not a new post today:

Because my husband has been in Austin for three days and he just got home 20 minutes ago. (Its 10:19 pm, fyi.) Because my kid informed me and my friends tonight at dinner that he has a girlfriend. And her name is Choochie. And she likes to play “run into the couch and get ouchies” [Read More…]

Asking and Listening

In my last three weeks before we leave San Francisco, I’m leading my Bible study through a course on God’s direction in our lives and our individual giftedness. It’s a course designed by my spiritual director, Debby Bellingham. It’s called “Kaleo,” the Greek word for calling. Last night we discussed the idea of calling: the [Read More…]

A Bigger Story

“When you see your home as a missional outpost, your role as a mother becomes clearer: to prepare and release the people inside for a lifetime of participating in God’s mission to the world.” -Helen Lee, The Missional Mom   It’s a grand idea, this belief that what I’m doing in the drudge of life [Read More…]

The ache of place

The idea of PLACE sort of blows my mind sometimes. That’s probably a weirdly deep thing to say, like when I say about babies, “It’s so crazy how they don’t exist and then nine months later, they’re, like, a person!!!” Yeah, duh. (But, doesn’t the baby thing confound you sometimes? The perfection of little fingers [Read More…]

Fresh flowers with dew: A Mother’s Day reflection

Sunday is Mother’s Day. Chris’ step-mom just sent me a Mother’s Day letter her grandfather had written to his mother from a foxhole in World War I. It was so gentle hearted and earnest. He even told his “Mother dear” that come morning he would “steal out from my little dugout and take some fresh [Read More…]

Sisyphus and Motherhood and Coffee

Yesterday morning I woke to a quiet (and sort of creepy) almost three-year-old standing beside my bed at 6:15, silently staring at me. Good morning, Wednesday. After I got August settled and watching a Thomas show, I moved toward my coffee pot, only to have Brooks begin crying and crying. I bounced him in the [Read More…]