Sick Day

As I write this, my throat feels like I swallowed a watermelon and I’m recovering from a night of chills and fitful sleep. Being sick is the worst. And though my son hasn’t woken up, I’m already struggling with what today will look like, how much I will give in to my deep desire to [Read More…]

Post Mom’s Group Confession

I’m usually annoyed by people who confess their “sin of pride.” I know that’s a terrible thing to say, but I have rarely encountered what I felt was an earnest confession from someone dealing with pride. Maybe it’s because I’ve been around angst-ridden college students for the past decade in a lot of large group [Read More…]

Ash Wednesday

Keep the reality of death always before your eyes… -The Rule of St. Benedict, Chapter 4 I love Ash Wednesday, mostly because I love the symbolic. On this night, a pastor wipes my forehead in the mark of the cross, and in that physical touch, that dirt spread, I can, at once, feel the depth [Read More…]

Peace and Amen

It’s not a new thing that kids like to say “Amen.” Churched babies since the origin of the Church have probably been yelling “Amen!” excitedly whenever their families sat down to eat. It’s a word that feels good on the tongue, which is really all that matters for the 1 ½ year old who is [Read More…]