The Spiritual Practice of Slowness

I was strangely moved by that almost final scene in the movie Lincoln, when the president walks away, his back to the camera, down the long White House hallway and into the shadows. Of course we,  the audience, know Lincoln is walking down that hall for the final time. We know he is on his [Read More…]

These Sacred Everydays

Last week marked our very last in the series {This Sacred Everyday}. I have loved this series. I’ve loved hearing other writers consider what makes their simple lives holy. I’ve loved being challenged by how beautiful the common tasks of living can be. Thanks for being part of this with me. I kicked off this [Read More…]

{This Sacred Everyday} Lore Furgeson

I’ve only recently discovered Lore Ferguson’s words, but I resonate with her and am always moved by her wisdom. She also shares some space with me over at A Deeper Church. It’s good to have her here today.   Swinger of Birches and No More There is a poem by Robert Frost I love. I [Read More…]

Jesus in Real Life: Halloween and Death and Celebrating the Saints

“Why is it called Halloween, Mom?” We’re driving to preschool. This is the time of day when August asks all the good questions. “Ummmm…” I say. I say that a lot. See the thing is he wants a real answer. He wants the history and the reasoning. If he knew the word ‘etymology,’ he’d want [Read More…]

{This Sacred Everyday} Tanya Marlow

Over the past few months I’ve had the opportunity to encounter and get to know Tanya Marlow through her writing and her friendship in the blogosphere. Every time I connect with her I have been encouraged and cared for. She is kind and humble and I’m thankful to have discovered her and her writing. ******** [Read More…]

Downhill: The Miracle and the Standing Still

I feel the dark sadness press in like a dam has broken, an internal stopper lifted so the water flows downstream, straight where it wants to go. All my efforts against it are like shakey, rickety barriers, sticks I once lay in hopes of keeping it all contained. It’s a virus that undoes me: Germs [Read More…]