My Chalkboard: Psalm 95

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{Practicing Benedict} Seven Times a Day

“The words of the Psalm are: I have uttered your praises seven times during the day. We shall fulfill that sacred number of seven if at the times of Lauds, Prime, Terce, Sext, None, Vespers and Compline we perform the duty of service to God, because it was of these day hours that the psalm [Read More…]

Just as my mother did…

The Bible is not particularly known for its progressive take on the value and significance of women (though I would argue that Jesus turned that worldview upside down in significant ways…I love that guy).  Honestly, I’m okay with the rarity of women in scripture because when they do show up, they are powerful, smart, and [Read More…]

Righteousness and Peace

Sunday’s Psalm (day 85) was one I recall reading sometime in late high school, early college. (I’m sure I could find the journal where I dramatically applied the words to my love life, but I’ll spare us all that.) What I remember is reading Psalm 85 and thinking it was so beautiful: righteousness and peace [Read More…]

A Psalm for Thankful Thursday

It’s been a while since I mentioned my Psalm a day. Please believe me: I have not been the winner of the “I faithfully read my Psalm everyday” award. But yesterday was day 62 and I actually read Psalm 62, just the words I needed to hear. I think I may have missed my first [Read More…]

Psalm 31

Listen, I love you readers and you don’t deserve this but I’m going to complain for a second. Thursday is street cleaning day on my street. That means I can’t park in front of the house, which is usually okay. After all, for our first year in San Francisco, I always parked three to four [Read More…]