Transition and Cushion

One Monday night a month, I gather all my energy to corral the chaos of my house by 6 so that I can make it to my writer’s group by 6:30. I strive to have dinner at least in process, have some sort of food in my bag, milk pumped and in the fridge, children [Read More…]

Katniss, Katy Perry and my cat: a Thankful Tuesday list

Post-church Hohorst-famous pancakes with friends. Realizing on the way home from Writer’s Group last night that I was alone in the car and I should definitely roll the window down, turn the radio up as loud as I could stand, and sing along to Cobra Starship (“You Make Me Feel…“). A tired 3- year-old in [Read More…]

…because they are so grateful

Finding this on Ann Voskamp’s wonderful blog: “I doubt that there is such a thing as a measure of spirituality —but if there is, gratitude would be it. Only the grateful are paying attention. They are grateful because they pay attention, and they pay attention because they are so grateful” (Barnes, The Pastor as Minor [Read More…]

Milk, Pumpkins and Neighbors: A Thankful Tuesday List

My baby learning how to sign “milk” (his arm goes straight up in the air and then he squeezes his hand open and shut…it’s the cutest thing ever) just in time for his 7-month birthday! His “milk milk milk milk” was clear as day and was accompanied by staring anxiously at me as Chris held [Read More…]

The Whole Heart

Last week I quoted St. Anthony and lamented that I was not only subpar in his thinking that one should not “easily leave” the place one lives, but his advice that someone who wants to please God must always “have God before your eyes.” As a mom to two little things who demand my time [Read More…]

Thankful Maine

One of the reasons I love summer is that I love the idea that every kid should have a magical childhood summertime place, where he or she is free to roam, explore, make up intricate stories with friends, play from morning to night with no reason to stop except to eat and go the bathroom. [Read More…]