Just Write: The Miracle

You’re up at 5 am. They call this “sleeping through the night.” I groan and meet you in our secret place: dark room, soft carpet, a rocking chair in the corner. The glow of nightlight feels sacred when I’m here, like I’ve been roused from my sleep for some holy appearing, a light leaking, heaven-glow. [Read More…]

Wise Stuff My Husband Said {A Series}: The Bible as Friend

Monday night we sat on the couch, me drinking tea slash eating dark chocolate and writing my Thankful Tuesday post while Chris read. My husband interrupted my train of thought to read a section from his ongoing savoring of our beloved Dale Bruner commentary on Matthew 1-12: “Together, Mark and Matthew give us a colorful [Read More…]

How ‘the ordinary becomes a container for the divine’

My brother and sister in law gave me an Amazon gift card for my birthday. It didn’t take me long to go straight to my Wish List and find the two books I’ve been most longing for. One is finally going to order my life (I know it! Come on, Organized Simplicity!) The other is [Read More…]

All the gifts…I’m thankful

For Brooksie’s sweet excitement after bath time when I’m going to give him a lotion-y baby massage. (We’re talking arms swinging-giggles here.) That my baby is 5-months-old today! How did this happen? For birds on branches outside this impermanent apartment. For the house we found last week that we’ll move into in a month. For [Read More…]

Nostalgia: End of Summer, Week 1 of Austin

It’s been one whole week since I began life as a Austin-dweller. So far, I have been really hot, gone swimming every day, spent lots of nap-time looking for a preschool, eaten out (way too much), and have seen my bestie Jamie (and her almost 2-week old!) twice. Tomorrow, I have a real-live new friend [Read More…]

Summer Reading!

Dear people who don’t mind hearing about the details of my life (why do you read this blog? I can’t figure it out.): You have heard me complain for too long about how I missed summer. Well, I’m here to say, my complaining is done. I’m in summer. And it’s hot and full of sunshine [Read More…]