slow, idle, brave

This week, while I’m on vacation, I’ll be re-posting some thoughts from back in the day (also known as last year). This was first published on July 8, 2010…   Today, while zooming through a profile piece on an artist and mother in the New York Times, I came across a new parental catch phrase [Read More...]

A Letter to 24-year-old Micha (For the Yoobs in my life…)

Dear younger self, I have some things to tell you, not because I’ve really learned that much in the past 8 years, not because I’m sooooo wise now, but because some friends asked me to. And I love them so, okay okay, I’ll do it. Remember when your cat Gretel died in 3rd grade and [Read More...]

Why this blog was not titled “Mama:Monk of San Francisco”

When I started writing to all you lovely people, I was pretty lonely. I was a SAHM in a new city, walking with my eighteen month old down steep sidewalks that didn’t feel like they belonged to me, adjusting my life as a mom to a yard-less home (apartment) and the community of neighborhood parks. [Read More...]

The ache of place

The idea of PLACE sort of blows my mind sometimes. That’s probably a weirdly deep thing to say, like when I say about babies, “It’s so crazy how they don’t exist and then nine months later, they’re, like, a person!!!” Yeah, duh. (But, doesn’t the baby thing confound you sometimes? The perfection of little fingers [Read More...]

The Pen Effect

In the past 9 years, I’ve lived in three very different cities: Syracuse, Philadelphia, and San Francisco. None of those cities are anything like the place I grew up or the town where I went to college. In my moves, I’ve come to expect a moment of shock that usually arrives somewhere between a year [Read More...]

Three Vows

Remember how I’m reading through Esther de Waal’s Living With Contradiction?  I’ll admit I’m slow-going on it, but really fascinated. Last night I read a chapter titled “Living with Myself.” Sounds like something I need to learn from, huh? Here’s what I found most fascinating. De Waal spends a lot of time focusing on the [Read More...]

Thankful Tuesday: Contentment

Sunday was my day of contentment. It was all I seemed to hear all day. Like one of those weird music videos where everyone all around you is mouthing the same word. (Maybe that’s just a freaky dream I’ve had?) Either way, it was exactly what I needed to see all those people mouthing. My [Read More...]

Wholeness in Contradiction: A New Year’s Resolution

“We are all seeking wholeness,” the amazing Esther de Waal writes in Living with Contradiction: An Introduction to Benedictine Spirituality, a book I’ve owned for 6 months and am finally picking up to read. She says that in The Rule of St. Benedict, we can find a handbook of healing: “St. Dunstan’s first biographer, almost [Read More...]

Why I wish I lived in a commune.

I just rode home in the back seat of a Volkswagen with two seventeen year old girls manning the front seats, singing at the top of their lungs to Taylor Swift.  There are few things I love more in the world that singing to cheesy pop songs in the car with teenage girls.  Ahhhhh. Being [Read More...]

Glee, hot chocolate, football, and why I love (and miss) Fall.

It’s almost officially Fall. Glee‘s new season starts next week! ACs across the country or being switched to the off positions. And it will soon be apple picking time. I love the seasons. As much as I’m a summer girl, my insides get all giddy at the thought of hot chocolate and sweatshirts at high [Read More...]