Wherever I Send You, Whatever it Costs You

A week and a half ago, prior to my grandfather’s funeral, as I ate a large family meal in the fellowship hall of the Boyett Baptist Church (no, that’s not really its name!), I encountered a third or fourth cousin, someone I hadn’t seen since my high school years when I’m sure we talked at [Read More…]

Making Peace with Distance

I’ve been far away for a long time. I used to think of Distance as being the space from here to home. But then “home” changed. It became separate places, so far from one another that my finite body could never be fully home. I was always absent from somewhere. Even when I was with [Read More…]

This Way to Austin…

I know, I know. How clichéd is that picture? But I took it myself. I passed that sign twice every Tuesday on Franklin Street in SF, on my way to drop off and pick up August from his school. I never noticed it, of course, until Chris’ interview for the job in Austin. After that, [Read More…]

Why I wish I lived in a commune.

 In honor of this little vacation I’m on with some of my favorites, this post from January 6, 2011 seems appropriate.   I just rode home in the back seat of a Volkswagen with two seventeen year old girls manning the front seats, singing at the top of their lungs to Taylor Swift.  There are [Read More…]

slow, idle, brave

This week, while I’m on vacation, I’ll be re-posting some thoughts from back in the day (also known as last year). This was first published on July 8, 2010…   Today, while zooming through a profile piece on an artist and mother in the New York Times, I came across a new parental catch phrase [Read More…]

A Letter to 24-year-old Micha (For the Yoobs in my life…)

Dear younger self, I have some things to tell you, not because I’ve really learned that much in the past 8 years, not because I’m sooooo wise now, but because some friends asked me to. And I love them so, okay okay, I’ll do it. Remember when your cat Gretel died in 3rd grade and [Read More…]