True all the way through (A Deeper Church post)

I’m very excited to officially announce that I’m joining the ranks at A Deeper Church, a new channel of the site A Deeper Story. I’ve been following A Deeper Story as long as it’s been in existence, admiring the writers and loving how the blog has sought to both ask hard questions of the Church [Read More…]

Conversations with Ourselves

Today I have the honor of guest posting at Preston Yancey’s blog in his series “Conversations with Ourselves” in which we are given the opportunity to explore what our present self would like say to our past self (or vice versa). It was a gift to be forced to look at myself and love her, [Read More…]

Sri Lanka, World Vision, and the Question God is Asking Us

 A thousand years ago, also known as July 3, I made a decision to travel to Sri Lanka as a blogger for World Vision. I couldn’t believe I was doing it. It didn’t make any logical sense to me. I had been asked to join the team last minute, the week before. My immediate thought [Read More…]

{This Sacred Everyday} Enuma Okoro

I can’t tell you what a Great Big Ol’ Deal it is to have Enuma Okoro here today. She is a fellow Patheos blogger, a lovely thinker, and has one of those smiles that makes you want to forget whatever you were just complaining about. (After you finish this post, I hope you’ll read her [Read More…]

Ann Voskamp, Tim Challies, Beth Moore: Dinner and a Defense of Earnestness

A month ago I sat in an auditorium at the Festival of Faith and Writing waiting to hear author Ann Voskamp speak about story and beauty. I sat among rows and rows of eager fan-ladies, all of us longing to hear the sound of her voice, hoping she would whisper secrets to us about how [Read More…]

Gospel, Pascal, Heart (and why I believe in Jesus)

“Make [Christianity] attractive, make good men wish it were true, and then show that it is.” –Blaise Pascal* Blaise Pascal was a scientist. He believed in the simplicity of hypothesis tested by research. He believed in fact. He used his mind to make proofs. But he did not believe God could be calculated or proven [Read More…]