Stones Splitting

When I sat in front of my spiritual director last Friday, trying to relay to her how I’m overwhelmed with the sudden busyness in my life—part time job, poetry writing gig, the emotional alterations of moving, the exhaustion of pregnancy, August’s latest nap antics—I wanted to be given an answer. I always want an answer [Read More...]

A Moving Out Mix

Friday, after a morning of movers (having movers will be on my Thankful Tuesday list, by the way), I took my smelly rubber gloves and (by myself!) spent three and a half hours cleaning our old place. I was feeling emotional. Yes, we only lived there a year but it was the year when my [Read More...]

How God loves me: a story

I grew up in a loving church community. I was nurtured, cared for, challenged. That world shaped me in really beautiful ways. It also taught me scripture in a way that set fire to my natural neurotic tendencies. My church honored people in ministry. Their photos were framed in the main hallway. The only women [Read More...]

Best Songs of the Nineties?

It’s midnight and I’m exhausted. I’d originally planned to write something meaningful and compelling tonight. Instead I spent the past four hours eating dinner with my brother and sister in law (who are in town visiting) and discussing, then listening to, our favorite songs of the nineties. It was an amazing conversation, full of such [Read More...]


When I was in grad school, I was honored to study poetry for three years with five other students who continually amazed me. They taught me and challenged me, leaving me mesmerized that such beautiful things could come out of their brains. One of those poets was Courtney Queeney, whom I’m so happy to have [Read More...]

Sweet Monday

Forgive me. I try not to be your typical mommy blogger, going on and on about the adorableness of her child. But, tonight, after a lovely weekend away with my two guys, I can’t help but tell you that I think my little boy is about as sweet as the cupcakes with sprinkles he and [Read More...]