Wednesday Morning Thankful

Yes, it’s Wednesday. Thankful Tuesday is a day late, I know. But, come on, I’ve been moving! Have some grace on a girl. Here is a list of all that’s been happening since you heard from me last, in the form of a Thankful Tuesday list. One day I was vacuuming the house for a [Read More…]

Goodbye Thankful

Sunday evening as Chris and I ate some anniversary short ribs at The Slanted Door, he asked me: “What will you miss the most about this city?” Did I mention we were in the Ferry Building, staring out the window at the bay, watching sail boats smooth past? My answer was easy, “Not counting friends,” [Read More…]

A day to be thankful in a month full of grateful.

After a week where I actually recorded all my grateful thoughts in a journal and now have apparently lost that journal. But, does that mean I’ve lost my Grateful?! By all means, no!!! That’s why I will tell you about my sweet past week (in 7 thankfuls). Brooks laughed for the first time last Thursday [Read More…]

Thankful Tuesday: A Grateful June Update

How’s your Grateful June going? I’ll admit I’m a bit of a failure in the grateful list making department this week. But I did manage to keep a little list of my thankfuls two out of seven days. (If you forgot as well, join us this week in keeping track of the seven things you’re [Read More…]

It’s (Almost) Grateful June!

So, I’ve been reading Ann Voskamp’s blog a lot lately. I’ve known about her blog for more than a year but never really made a commitment to faithfully reading it until now. And I’ve been missing out. Her voice is lyrical, her pictures are stunning. (Sorry I’m so lame with no pictures around here, people. [Read More…]

Just as my mother did…

The Bible is not particularly known for its progressive take on the value and significance of women (though I would argue that Jesus turned that worldview upside down in significant ways…I love that guy).  Honestly, I’m okay with the rarity of women in scripture because when they do show up, they are powerful, smart, and [Read More…]