In God’s Sweetness (a Thankful Tuesday post)

Yesterday was my first real day home with two kids. I don’t have to do it long. For the rest of the week my husband is working from home and next week my mother-in-law arrives. (And my mother just left this past Saturday after being with us for two weeks.) I have it really good. [Read More…]

Molly chooses the “bright side”: A Thankful Tuesday guest post

Molly Strader Hunt is one of my very favorite people in the whole world. I spent an entire year of my twenties singing the three karaoke songs we owned (in our post-college apartment) to her every night. (We didn’t have many friends that year.) She is charming, passionate and one of the funniest women I’ve [Read More…]

A Poem for Thankful Tuesday

Anna Maria Is Coming, or Maybe Thomas Barton, or Max! by Hilda Raz New life! Will he toe out like Dolly, like John? Will her eyes be fires? Blue and green, like Papa’s, the ocean at the shore? Will she sing in the bath? Play piano in her diapers? Will her heart leap at large [Read More…]

Let’s Be Thankful!

I love our church and our community in San Francisco. I just looked online to find the names of friends (and some folks I don’t even know) who have signed up to bring us new-baby dinners. It’s a beautiful thing to be cared for. Last week, my Mom’s Group threw a friend and me a [Read More…]

“In Feast or Fallow”

Okay, so I’m admitting I’ve been a failure of blogging lately. Seriously, I know you’re sick of hearing about how I’m uncomfortably pregnant/scared of giving birth/learning something important about suffering. (See proof here, here and here. Good grief, lady.) So I’ll shut up about it now and move on to more exciting things, like Thankful [Read More…]

Thankful: I’m not Jesus

There are some moments of parenthood in which you are suddenly struck with the realization that there is no one more heroic to your child than you. There is no one they know who could come close to your genius, your humor, your success. I remember having those typical “My dad can beat up your [Read More…]