Happy Anniversary, Mama:Monk!

Yes, my friends, it has been one full year of bloggerdom. And in honor of my anniversary at mamamonk.com (which was actually last Wednesday, but I was too lame to celebrate on that day), I will now list what a year of blogging has taught me: I do have time to write! It’s amazing what [Read More…]

“After Paradise”

As I wrote yesterday’s post in honor of my main squeeze, I was feeling a little nostalgic…and feeling that we needed a new poem (it only took me seven weeks after Christmas to take down “Mary’s Song”…pregnancy is a good enough excuse, right?). We haven’t had a good love poem for our memories yet. And [Read More…]

I’m grateful for…

A husband who is much kinder to me than I am to him. His new thing? Talking to August about how important it is to tell me I’m beautiful. So this is what my kid now says to me on a regular basis: “Mommy, I love you. You’re beautiful.” Or, “Look at your beautiful dress!” [Read More…]

Thankful Like Mayonnaise!

Last night, after receiving a package of new trains and cars sheets for August’s bed (he’s been sleeping with our grown-up plain tan ones) from my parents, August and I were making his bed. I said, “Let’s spread this out.” He said, “Let’s spread it like mayonnaise!” My sweet, dear friends in my Bible study [Read More…]

Thankful Tuesday: Contentment

Sunday was my day of contentment. It was all I seemed to hear all day. Like one of those weird music videos where everyone all around you is mouthing the same word. (Maybe that’s just a freaky dream I’ve had?) Either way, it was exactly what I needed to see all those people mouthing. My [Read More…]

Tiger Mother Thankful

Yes, of course I read all 18 thousand of the Tiger Mother articles last week. How could I not have noticed? My sweet husband has me set up for some major “mother” search engines around here. The thing is, I couldn’t think of what I needed to say about Amy Chua’s “Battle Hymn of the [Read More…]