She lists her thankfuls.

Yesterday was MLB’s opening day! I’m not the world’s biggest baseball fan. But I love my husband, who loves his Phillies. And I’ve always been a fan of warm spring days at the ballpark, with a hot dog in hand… My mother in law is here visiting. I know that doesn’t usually bring out a [Read More…]

Thankful Tuesday, Holy Week

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Holy Week always feel a little unsettling to me. I know what to think about on Sunday. I can focus and meditate on Christ’s journey Thursday, Friday and Saturday. But what about these three unnamed days? Though there is plenty to read in the Gospels, teaching and events occurring within [Read More…]

The city, the ocean, the backpack

This past Saturday, our little family picked up our newest Craigslist purchase, the baby hiking backpack, loaded up a picnic lunch, and drove twenty miles north of the city to a beach in Marin County. Still new to this area of the country, I can’t get over the fact that both the ocean and mountains [Read More…]

I’m so tired of the word “nice.”

Why is “nice” the preferred morality term for all toddlers everywhere? I keep thinking that if some Martians walked onto any playground in America, they would gather that our greatest cultural value is niceness. Why else would we speak of it as our gold standard of behavior? Is nice really all we want our kids [Read More…]