An invitation to be ready (to be needy)

I chase my almost-three-year-old around the bedroom with the batman t-shirt. He busts out of the doorway and sprints for the living room, squealing. “I’m not going to chase you around,” I say, even though–let’s tell the truth–I’m pretty desperate here. We’ve got to get in the car to make it to school on time [Read More…]

If King Wrote Us a Letter Today (a guest post from Grace Biskie)

Throughout the month of February, Patheos has invited its bloggers to contribute to a conversation called 50 Years After Birmingham: Reflections on and from the Black Church. I loved Patheos’ idea to host this conversation in honor of Black History Month and wanted our blog to be part of it. As a white woman with [Read More…]

Embodied: Communion and Pregnancy

  By the time I was pregnant with my first son I was learning to pray using contemplative practices. I was embracing the liturgy. And I was in a church that celebrated communion every Sunday with real wine in a shared chalice. My husband and I had been at this church for two years prior [Read More…]

One Good Phrase: Amy Young (Grace to you and peace from God)

Amy Young is a new blogger-friend in my life and I’m thankful for the chance to host a writer I’m still getting to know in this space. Thanks for being here, Amy! * We had a couple of days to kill after a conference ended  and before we needed to head back home – me [Read More…]

One Good Phrase: Mihee Kim-Kort (Be different.)

Mihee Kim-Kort is whip-smart, kind, and somehow able to get at the nitty gritty of theology in a vulnerable and approachable way. Every time I read her work, I’m challenged by it. And I consider it an honor to host her  today.   Most of my life, I have struggled with wanting to belong. To [Read More…]

Some words in other spaces…

I’ve been writing in some other places this week and I’d love to scoot you on over their way. Do you mind clicking? On Tuesday I had the opportunity to share one of my poems at John Blase’s lovely blog The Beautiful Due. He’s been featuring the poems of several writers and bloggers he knows [Read More…]