It is time in your life to move on and no longer be held hostage by those who are unwilling to apologize or reconcile with you. We want family or friends who have wronged or violated us to admit their actions. We want an apology for what they have done to us, but often times there is a flat denial of committing any wrong against us. Sometimes reconciliation is impossible. I encourage you to understand you can forgive someone and… Read more

Father Thomas Keating created the phrase in centering prayer of repeating a sacred word or words to interrupt the unbridled memories and endless thoughts that float around in our heads. Carl Jung concluded the vast majority of our thoughts repeat over and over as mindless self-talk and ceaseless chatter. My thoughts bouncing like a pinball in my head leave no inner space to listen for the voice of God. As a disciplined soldier ordered to attention, a sacred word commands… Read more

In eastern tradition, the term “monkey mind” is well known and understood by those who meditate within those cultures. Our western world which influences Christian thought is unfamiliar with the Buddhist concept. However, if you ask a western Christian to define “monkey mind” they would have a reasonable probability of guessing it’s meaning. Like a bunch of excited monkeys that jump from one tree to another chasing each other scurrying about all over the place, our minds act in very… Read more

Where your treasure is, there your heart will also be. Jesus Sometimes a good life keeps us from a better life, many of the things we crave in life will never satisfy our soul.  In fact, many good things have the power to destroy us like pain medications and even food which can take control of our lives.  There is nothing in the world that will make us happy and provide us with lasting satisfaction. We will never accumulate enough… Read more

The good news is we never need to feel alone, isolated or estranged from God. You and I were created to live in fellowship with God and prayer is an intrinsic part of that relationship.  Our life journey affords us the opportunity to walk hand in hand with God and whether we realize it or not God is with us through every step. God is present and has given us the promise that he will always be with us. Our… Read more

Henri Nouwen wrote prayer has for too long only been associated with piety, talking to God, thinking about God, morning and evening prayers, Sunday services, grace before meals, sentences from the Bible and many other things. However, for Nouwen “Prayer is the center of the Christian life. It is the only necessary thing. It is living with God in the here and now.” “Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “You are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing… Read more

We devote enormous amounts of energy and time creating noise and entertainment in our heads trying to numb the troubling thoughts and voices that rob us of our peace of mind. The fear of the silence is killing us. There are some storylines that repeat over and over causing so much mental anguish we will do anything to get rid of them in our minds. Tragically suicide for many is a way of permanently ending those thoughts. We should not… Read more

The children of Israel in their history escaped the clutches of Pharaoh by the parting of the Red Sea, and it had little impact on their spiritual growth.  It is a story told for thousands of years of Yahweh’s miraculously dividing of the sea where men, women, and children in bondage for four hundred years escape thru a dry patch of land after the waters mysteriously separate. On the other side, they look back and see their enemies swallowed up… Read more

One of the best gifts you can present yourself is learning how to be alone without being lonely. I have experienced loneliness plenty of times in my life, but in silence and solitude with God, I have never felt alone. It runs counterclockwise to the wisdom of the world that the practice of solitude and silence can quiet the mind so we can hear and discern Gods words of friendship to us. In the silence, we discover Gods presence is… Read more

In my quiet time, I use a phrase that calms the thoughts in my mind through repeated repetition. The desert fathers and mothers in the early days of Christianity recited and used the Jesus Prayer “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God have mercy on me a sinner,” as a way of calming their restless thoughts and minds. They would use the prayer to concentrate and meditate upon God in pursuit of a deepening and abiding relationship with Christ. The repetition of the words… Read more

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