Jehovah’s Witnesses: Hell on Earth Before My Morning Coffee

In which a pair of persistent Jehovah’s Witnesses interrupt my journey to perdition while my cereal grows soggy. [Read more…]

Christianity and Jesus Christ Superstar: Dispelling the Godspell

Growing up, I learned most of what I knew about Christ from ‘Jesus Christ Superstar.’ [Read more…]

Holy Moses or Passover Plotz?

Passover commemorates a mythological exodus of a people who weren’t enslaved, led by a man who never existed. [Read more…]

Barack Obama: Waving Goodbye to the Humanist-in-Chief

Barack Obama has been the most atheist-positive president in history. He was also the first president raised by a humanist. Coincidence? [Read more…]

Year of Dead Celebrities: Will the New Year Be Bad for Your Health Too?

2016 has been a bad year for celebrity deaths. But 2017 may be even worse for ‘ordinary people.’ [Read more…]

Myth-Taken by Santa

‘Santa is a fake! And all those Santas, in all those malls, they’re all fake too!’ [Read more…]

My Personal War on Christmas

‘Run Donder, run Blitzen, run Prancer, it’s through,’ cried Santa, but we were booking them too. [Read more…]

All Aboard the Good Ship Nonreligious!

Patheos Nonreligious says, Come on board the good ship secularist! [Read more…]

The Patheos School of Christian Perversity

Growing up without religion, I never understood the perversity of Christian indoctrination. My fellow Patheos Atheist bloggers helped school me. [Read more…]

Onward Secular Soldier: The Moral Majority and Me

The rise of the Moral Majority once looked like the eclipse of secularism. But now it’s the Religious Right whose future is shadowed. [Read more…]