Jehovah’s Witnesses: Hell on Earth Before My Morning Coffee

In which a pair of persistent Jehovah’s Witnesses interrupt my journey to perdition while my cereal grows soggy. [Read more…]

Christianity and Jesus Christ Superstar: Dispelling the Godspell

Growing up, I learned most of what I knew about Christ from ‘Jesus Christ Superstar.’ [Read more…]

Theists: He opened up the rock and…something flowed out

When theists invade the Patheos Nonreligious sandbox it becomes a litterbox of nonsense. [Read more…]

Holy Moses or Passover Plotz?

Passover commemorates a mythological exodus of a people who weren’t enslaved, led by a man who never existed. [Read more…]

5 Reasons Why I Needed a No Soliciting Sign for Hospital Clergy

You would think having your religion listed as atheism would hang a giant NO SOLICITING sign over your hospital bed. You would be wrong. [Read more…]

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A Less-Than-Saintly Patron Saint of Separationism

Though Thomas Jefferson is the patron saint of separationism, he was no saint himself. But his wall of separation lives on…as do his firebrand, anti-Christian words. [Read more…]