Christianity and Jesus Christ Superstar: Dispelling the Godspell

Growing up, I learned most of what I knew about Christ from ‘Jesus Christ Superstar.’ [Read more…]

Darwin’s Day: 4 Snapshots from the Evolution of Evolution

The implications of natural selection caused Charles Darwin to lose his faith. Others didn’t, but contributed to our evolutionary understanding anyway. [Read more…]

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Johnson Amendment: Demolishing A Different Kind of Wall

By destroying the Johnson Amendment, President Trump is tearing down Jefferson’s big, beautiful wall of separation between Church and State. [Read more…]

Secondhand Prayer: I Prayed to the God-Monster Under My Bed

I can’t understand an atheist’s desire to pray. But I caught secondhand prayer as a secular child anyway. [Read more…]

To Anti-Theist or Not to Anti-Theist, That is the Question

The debate among Patheos Nonreligious bloggers over anti-theism is a tempest in a Russel’s teapot. [Read more…]

The Patheos School of Christian Perversity

Growing up without religion, I never understood the perversity of Christian indoctrination. My fellow Patheos Atheist bloggers helped school me. [Read more…]

Hitchhiking Savior’s Guide to Redeeming the Galaxy

Did Jesus hitchhike the galaxy to redeem the the souls of aliens? That was once a serious question. [Read more…]

Three Gods for the Price of One

An imaginary 4th century Christian defends Christian doctrine in this satire of Orthodox illogic. [Read more…]

5 Reasons Why I Needed a No Soliciting Sign for Hospital Clergy

You would think having your religion listed as atheism would hang a giant NO SOLICITING sign over your hospital bed. You would be wrong. [Read more…]

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My Friendly Neighborhood Bug-Eyed Evangelicals

Humans are complex. We don’t do atheism any favors when we lose sight of that fact. [Read more…]