Missional Monday: Sentralized September, Lance Ford Books, The Feast Feeds Missional Imagination

Here’s a recap of the last few weeks in the missional conversation:

  • Sentralized Conference took place at the end of September, and I’m just now getting around to talking about it! Put on by Forge America and its Kansas City hub, KCSentral, Sentralized is an annual conference that is designed “to continue to bring clarity to the missional conversation.” InterVarsity Press co-sponsored “The Great Forge Write-Off” to scout “unsigned talent,” and according to IVP editor David Zimmerman, six entries are now in front of other leaders at the publishing house for review and a final winner will be announced soon. Lots of great content from this year’s conference can be found at the #sentralized hashtag on Twitter.
  • Lance Ford and Brad BriscoLance Ford is a publishing dynamo — Speaking of missional books, Lance Ford (one of the main organizers behind Sentralized) had two new books published recently — both of which are getting good reviews — Unleader: Reimagining Leadership … And Why We Must (Beacon Press) and Missional Essentials: A Guide for Experiencing God’s Mission in Your Life (The House Studio), which Ford co-authored with fellow Sentralized leader Brad Brisco.
  • The Feast took place last week in NYC — The Feast is an annual conference that “gathers remarkable innovators from across industries to engage each other in creating world-shaking change.” Anyone seeking to spark their missional imagination will be inspired by diving into the archived video from speakers such as Bre Pettis (CEO of MakerBot), Catherine Rohr (Founder and CEO of Defy Ventures, who gave an achingly transparent and emotional presentation), Neil Blumenthal (Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Warby Parker), Dr. Paul Farmer (Founding Director of Partners In Health), Scott Heiferman (CEO and Co-Founder of Meetup.com), and others. Andrew Jones participated in The Feast Worldwide all the way in New Zealand.
  • How a difference in missional views could affect Christian hip-hop — A lot of interesting things come across my Google alerts for “missional” articles online. This just so happens to be one of my all-time favorite headlines! Intrigued? Go check it out.

Got missional church news that you’d like to see me cover here on the blog? Send it to me via email (stevek AT missionalshift DOT com) or post it in the comments! Thanks for reading.

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  • http://www.pamhogeweide.com Pam Hogeweide

    Hi Steve, I’m a new subscriber! Good to see you curating such a great topic!

    I suppose you are familiar with kathy escobar’s great book, Down We Go: Living into the Wild Ways of Jesus. A great book that puts practice front and center on the missional approach to church and following Christ. Kathy is one of the most missional pastors I know of!! Follow her blog if you don’t already!

  • http://www.missionalshift.com Steve Knight

    Pam, welcome to Missional Shift! I’m also a huge fan of Kathy Escobar, and I’m grateful to call her a co-conspirator in TransFORM Network and a good friend. You can find a couple of posts about her on the blog here: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/missionalshift/tag/kathy-escobar/