How Is Fasting for Lent Missional?

Thomas Turner is inviting you to sign up for his email newsletter in exchange for a PDF download of his 2013 Everyday Liturgy Lenten Guide. I did it! It’s a resource worth checking out and having on hand. Also, Chris Smith from the Slow Church blog has a great article [Read more…]

Who Wants to Spend 4 Hours Watching Reggie McNeal Talk About the Missional Church?

I do! And probably a lot more of you out there, as well. Well, we’re in luck, because the North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church recently hosted Reggie McNeal for a seminar on his book Missional Renaissance: Changing the Scorecard of the Church. The almost four-hour presentation was recorded on video and is [Read More…]

The Challenge and Promise of Advent

‎From Ted Jennings, author of Transforming Atonement: A Political Theology of the Cross: “What we do is pretend that we have hope and joy and love. What we yearn for is what stands under those names … Advent is a time when we have a chance — if we want to take the chance — [Read More…]

My Sermon on What Is the Missional Church?

Two weeks ago, I had the privilege of preaching at The Table, a new emerging worship gathering in East Dallas, Texas, and my topic for the morning was, of course, “What Is the Missional Church?” [Read more…]

We Are All Pirates Now

It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day today, and I’m excited to recommend the best possible book for this auspicious occasion — Kester Brewin’s latest Mutiny!: Why We Love Pirates and How They Can Save Us. I confess I’m only about a third of the way through, which means I’ve already traversed the first two dense [Read More…]

#GodWhoSends: The Struggle With Defining Missional

In his seminal book God Who Sends: A Fresh Quest for Biblical Mission, Dr. Francis M. DuBose describes the challenge he saw in defining “mission”: “Why the need for a fresh quest? The simple answer, which is profound in its implication, is that we do not have an accepted definition of mission. … “A major [Read More…]

Is This the #1 Issue in Missional Shift?

Len Hjalmarson thinks he’s got a bead on the #1 issue in making the missional shift: spiritual formation. And, he says, the #1 issue in spiritual formation is this: “Where do you find your identity?” “Unless our identity is rooted in Christ, we will always be subject to the pressures of the crowd. We will [Read More…]

#GodWhoSends: Jesus’s Missional Purpose

From the very first page of the “Prologue” to God Who Sends, Dr. Francis DuBose uses the term “missional”: “The Christian life is a spiritual pilgrimage. It is not a journey to a shrine which has limitations of space and time. It is a journey into life, a life so rich no limitation of space [Read More…]

Unlearning the Old Ways of Doing Mission

My friends Helms and Greg Jarrell are founders of a neo-monastic community in Charlotte, North Carolina, called Hyaets (or in Hebrew `eits-chayim, tree of life), and they recently wrote a nice short piece for the Associated Baptist Press on “Changing perspectives about mission.” The old way of doing mission (particularly short-term mission projects), they explain, [Read More…]

Is There Really a “Missional Crisis”?

Dave Kludt, a pastor/equipper at Kairos Hollwood, writing at The Burner Blog last week suggested, “The missional church faces a crisis of information saturation. Much of the missional conversation has centered on ideas — brilliant ideas, ideas rooted deeply in theology and the sending nature of God — good ideas shared over coffee, blogs, and [Read More…]