10 Questions to Ask If You’re Wondering, “Am I Missional?”

Trevin Wax over at The Gospel Coalition has extracted and expanded on 10 diagnostic questions from Jason Dukes book Live Sent: You Are A Letter to help us determine if we’re truly being missional: When you speak of church, what prepositions do you use? When you think of missions, do you think of a mission [Read More…]

Should We Replace “Missional” with “Bearing Witness”?

In the June 2012 issue of The Mennonite magazine, Ron Adams, a Mennonite pastor in Madison, Wisconsin, argues that the word “missional” is too problematic and suggests we should replace it with “bearing witness.” Here’s what he says: “Missional is not about program … Missional is not what your congregation’s outreach committee does. Missional is [Read More…]

Missional Is Not a New Program

Alan Roxburgh, speaking at the Inhabit Conference in Seattle earlier this year: “Many of you have a deep intuitive understanding that this disruptive Spirit is up to something, and that something that the Spirit is up to — that resides in the mystery of God, that we cannot quantify, we can’t turn into a workbook, [Read More…]

10 Myths About the Missional Church

At the recent Funding the Missional Church conference, organized by JoPa Productions and held in Minneapolis, Tony Jones gave a presentation on his “10 Myths About the Missional Church.” In classic David Letterman style, here they are: Missional is trying to put the conventional church out of business — Not so, says Dr. Jones. Missional [Read More…]

Your New Daily Devotional on God’s Mission

The Most Rev. Dr. Katharine Jefferts Schori is the presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church, chief pastor to the 2.4 million Episcopalians in the U.S. and 15 other countries around the world. In the introduction to her new book Gathering at God’s Table: The Meaning of Mission in the Feast of Faith, she gives a [Read More…]

Evangelicals Don’t Own Missional

As a post-evangelical (progressive evangelical?), it wasn’t that long ago that I thought almost exclusively in a very narrow, evangelical theological framework. I remember thinking that — since evangelical (as an adjective/descriptor) seemed to be on the decline and missional was in its ascendency — that missional might even replace evangelical as the primary identification [Read More…]

What Does Missional Mean?

That’s the question I get asked over and over again in my work as Minister for Missional Initiatives for Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation. (Did you see that word in there a couple times? Yeah.) It’s also the question that will not be easily answered in a single blog post. (Watch for more on this [Read More…]

Welcome to Missional Shift

Over the past two decades, the missional church conversation has become a very “big tent” conversation here in North America, with more than 1,000 books written that explore the topic, the history of the movement and its implications. There are dozens of conferences now being held annually that are exclusively “missional” or that have a [Read More…]