Missional Methodists Rejuvenating the Mainline?

It takes something pretty remarkable to get Tony Jones to say “new life is possible in old denominations,” but that’s exactly what Tony said earlier this week in a post about Union, a new United Methodist church plant in Dallas, Texas. [Read more…]

Have You Heard About the Nation’s First Non-Profit Pub?

I’m headed out to Portland in a couple of weeks for Wild Goose Festival West, where I’m excited to be MCing some of the talks and handling PR for the festival (in lieu of the fantastic Sarah Cunningham who is currently on maternity leave — congrats, Sarah!). There’s still time to join me! The fest [Read More…]

Missional Monday: Missional Projects Seeking Funding Worldwide

Here’s a recap of last week’s major highlights from the missional conversation: Create Missional Communities, Not Disciples — Well, truthfully, it was a slow blog week for me last week, but I did manage to crank out a pretty thought-provoking post that generated some great discussion in the comments. In you haven’t seen it, go [Read More…]

Create Missional Communities, Not Disciples

I haven’t posted a tech startup analogy for missional community formation recently, so here’s one. Here’s a big one. And to be perfectly clear: I’m intentionally trying to be provocative here, so hold on! Author and New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman (The Earth Is Flat) recently spoke to the Stanford University Graduate School of [Read More…]

A Kickstarter Project Alan Hirsch and I Can Both Get Behind [VIDEO]

It’s called Theophony: The Mighty Interactive Theremin, and it’s being organized by Phil Wyman and his merry band of mischief-makers who will be returning to Burning Man again this year to build this new art installation. If you were at Wild Goose Festival, you’ll recognize Phil as the guy who led the processional to the [Read More…]

What Does a Missional Toilet Paper Business Look Like? Who Gives A Crap [VIDEO]

That’s actually the name of the company: Who Gives A Crap. And they’re planning to give 50% of their profits to WaterAid for sanitation projects around the world. But priority number one is to raise $50,000 to order their first bulk shipment of the white stuff. They’re already halfway to their goal. Good thing too, [Read More…]

What Missional Churches Can Learn from Non-Profits

Fellow Progressive Christian blogger Carl Gregg finally decided to post his notes from the Funding the Missional Church conference, which was good, because it reminded me to post these slides from Brad Cecil — which are perhaps the most valuable take-away from the entire event: Why churches are hurting View more PowerPoint from Brad Cecil [Read More…]

Vote Now for Snohomish Soap Company

Missional slactivists, it’s time to get clickin’: Chase and LivingSocial are giving away $250,000 grants to small businesses, and Cindy Todd of the Snohomish Soap Company (Snohomish, WA) is asking for your vote! Just use your Facebook account to login and then search for “Snohomish Soap Company” and click “Vote.” Cindy (who also works with [Read More…]

Would You Wear a crippledJesus Necklace?

Cris and Philip Zimmermann are brothers in Germany, who have started a business called crippledJesus, based on the theological ideas probably best expressed by Teresa of Avila in her poem “Christ Has No Body.” In this short video, they explain the idea between the cross necklaces they are producing (with the help of handicapped workers) [Read More…]

What Would Your Missional Community Do With $3,000?

How you would use $3,000 toward uniting and improving your community through storytelling? The story is yours to tell, so be creative and submit your idea between May 15 and June 12 at noon PST. Then, from June 12 to July 3, get a group of supporting characters to vote for your project during public [Read More…]