Missional Church Conversation … On TBN?

Did you know that Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne have their own TV show … on TBN?!? That’s right. “Red Letter Christianity” airs Mondays at 9:00pm EST, Tuesdays at 2:30am EST, and Fridays at 12:30pm EST, although you can watch a lot of previous episodes online. I think Tony looks a little more comfortable on [Read More…]

Is Our FLOTUS “Missional”?

Tim King writing over at the progressive Sojourners organization blog, wonders “Is Michelle Obama a ‘Missional’ Christian?” “Last week, the First Lady spoke to the quadrennial General Conference of the African American Methodist Episcopal Church. While the speech was a get-out-the-vote plug, it also shed an interesting light on both her personal faith and the [Read More…]

Scot McKnight’s Definition of Missional Is Similiar (But Different) Than Mine – Because I’m Not Scot McKnight

Scot McKnight (an entirely different person than Steve Knight, the author of this blog) has given us his definition of missional, in the context of an excellent review of Don Everts’ new book Go and Do: Becoming A Missional Christian: “Missional is not a new, fancy, PC, shorn of its weaknesses version of the word [Read More…]

Missional Monday: Wild Goose Reverberates, Deep Theology Discussion, The $135 Missional Book In My Hands!

Here’s a recap of last week’s major highlights from the missional conversation: Wild Goose Festival 2012 continues to reverberate for those of us who were there for the East Coast rendition last week. I’ve been doing a bit of curating to pull together the best links/articles, videos, and tweets, as well as posting some more [Read More…]

Galaxy Quest for Missional Nephilim!

At the risk of creating an irreversible irony vortex, I’m going to post something completely frivolous and funny directly after posting the uber-serious “Yes, The Missional Church Needs A Deep Theology.” Consider this your Sunday funny … Taken from an anti-missional “heresy hunter” website, which thankfully still has a sense of humor: For years there [Read More…]

Missional Monday: Missio Alliance Launches, Forge America Announcement, Young Adult Demands, Wild Goose Chases

Here’s a quick recap of last week’s major highlights from the missional conversation: The new Missio Alliance network held its first regional gathering, as part of a larger conference at Northeastern Seminary, featuring David Fitch. Fitch used Peter Rollins, Brian McLaren, and Alan Hirsch & Michael Frost as his foils to discuss the dangers he [Read More…]

Curation Is Missional

Well, at least according to Joanne McNeil, who is quoted as saying, “A good curator is thinking not just about acquisition and selection, but also contextualizing.” So there is, in a sense, a missional aspect to curation (the contextualization piece). What do you think about curation as a missional act? (via exp.lore.com and @BobCarlton) [Read more…]

Missional Monday: Book Winner, Stetzer to ACNA, Thin Places, Godspeed, Faith-Based Youth

Here’s a quick recap of last week’s major highlights from the missional conversation: The winner of last week’s book contest giveaway is … Brian C. from Nebraska! Brian will be receiving a signed copy of Chris Guillebeau’s new book The $100 Startup, but we’re all winners really because so many great missional business stories/ideas were [Read More…]

The Kingdom of God Is Like … Paper Airplane Tossing?

This is just a great story! Christian Piatt writes, “We had all had enough of the office for a while, so we went to the park to fly planes. Within a couple of minutes a gaggle of little kids from a nearby preschool wandered by and stopped to watch Mattias’ aeronautical skills with awe. Mattias [Read More…]

Missional Ryan Gosling?

THIS: Oh, and THIS: And, well, this: [Read more…]